Meet The House of Hunan Team

Chef Lawrence Suen

Opening a restaurant is a bold business move for any entrepreneur. Add to that emigrating from another country with your mother, brother, sister, and wife, and then learning a whole new language, and the chance of success seems daunting. Yet Executive Chef Lawrence Suen hasn’t just managed to keep the doors of his House of Hunan open, he has also managed to grow it into one of the most successful restaurants in Northeast Ohio.

Despite the restaurant being named after the Hunan province in Southern China, which is known for its spicy cuisine, the House of Hunan is recognized for variety and has something to tempt any palate or spice preference.

Chef Suen learned his trade in his native Taiwan, where he was heavily influenced by the myriad of cultures that represent the region. Along with classic Thai dishes, Chef Suen offers Chinese delicacies and an impressive array of Japanese sushi. His expertise in global culinary methods allows Chef Suen to effortlessly infuse his dishes with Italian, French, and American nuances as well.

“It’s all about feeding the senses,” says Chef Suen. “The customer sees the presentation on the plate, smells the aroma of the food, and, lastly, tastes the freshness. It’s all connected. This isn’t just a job. It’s my passion.”

Adding to the artistry of the plates presented in the Medina location is Chef Suen’s own personal touch of intricately cut vegetable carvings in the shapes of flowers, animals, dragons, and exotic birds.

The House of Hunan Leadership Team

Even with more than 100 items on the menu, everything is cooked to order with only the freshest ingredients. This attention to detail is just one of the reasons why the House of Hunan has grabbed the coveted “Number One Chinese” rating on the Fox 8 Hotlist. 

And the attentiveness to details stretches beyond the kitchen into each part of the restaurant from the greeters to the servers to the leadership team, including:




General Manager



Xiao Mei

Sushi Chef